Electric Vehicle & Sustainability Summit

November 19-22, 2019

The global forum for leaders in energy innovation and transport electrification as well as policymakers and regulators that make the decisions surrounding government participation in EVs and sustainability. The summit takes place at a crucial turning point for the future of transport and electrification.


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“The summit in Whistler provides a chance to have a dialogue on these future challenges and opportunities of e-mobility.”
Brendan Jones, COO - Electrify America

Electric vehicle sales have taken off, with unprecedented growth predicted over the next decade. Transportation remains one of the largest sources of pollution – a final frontier in the battle against climate change – yet automobile drivers are increasingly going electric and governments across the world have become serious about phasing out gas-fuelled cars.
Huge amounts of investment will be needed to build out EV charging infrastructure networks, which have yet to catch up with vehicle stock trends. While there are many unanswered questions around emerging business models and sources of liquidity, traditional infrastructure and energy investors have already entered the fray.
Still further funding will be needed to satisfy the rising demand for sustainable power that will accompany the mass adoption of EVs. With global renewable energy production already surging, sustainability will be at the heart of the transition.
Surging growth

Today’s market penetration of 4 million EVs globally is set to rise rapidly, with estimates varying between 60 to 200 million EVs worldwide by 2030.

Energy revolution

The transition to EVs will drive immense demand for electricity, which needs to come from renewable sources, including utility-scale wind and solar power and distributed generation, as well as virtual power plants.

Investment opportunities

Bringing together leading members of this rapidly evolving landscape, EVS Whistler will centre around three days of panel discussions, keynote presentations and Q&As.

Who should attend?

• Infrastructure and energy investors
• Automakers
• Government officials and public sector leaders
• EVSE infrastructure operators and manufacturers
• E-mobility solutions providers
• Energy companies and grid operators
• Legal, financial and technical advisers
• Developers
• Technology companies
• VC investors


• Market growth and evolution
• Power generation and the grid
• Charging infrastructure
• E-mobility service providers
• New business models and competition
• Investment opportunities and financing
• Public sector leadership and regulation
• Sustainability

Registration is open. Access the full summit experience.

The £3500 fee includes four nights at the exclusive Fairmont Chateau Whistler, three gala dinners and cocktail gatherings.

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