Centrica unveils EV charging offering

UK utility Centrica has launched an electric vehicle charging offering, in a bid to help businesses navigate the tricky task of transitioning to electric.

The EV Enablement Package not only offers businesses the service of installing EV charge points, but also looks to link the devices to on-site solar arrays and battery storage facilities.

The plan has been fleshed out beyond the installation of charging points with a mind to easing the pressure placed on the national grid, when, as predicted, EV uptake begins to dramatically increase.

A decision was taken to add electricity generation to the offering after customer research carried out by Centrica found that while over 70% of the businesses it surveyed were planning to introduce EV fleets, only 43% had considered the effect their decision could have on electricity infrastructure.

The EV Enablement programme will involve the design, construction, instillation and maintenance of EV infrastructure, as well as the financing for on-site renewable projects.

The new offering will also offer drivers the use of a new smartphone app, which has been created by Driiv, the Israeli EV start-up in which Centrica invested last year.

Centrica’s new offering has similarities to the EV forecourts charging scheme unveiled by Gridserve in the UK earlier in the year. The multi-million-pound plan involved the building of a series of EV stations which are powered by two advanced solar parks on the outskirts of York.

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