Drax premieres endend EV charging service

UK power generation firm Drax has launched a new end-to-end electric vehicle charging service for its commercial and industrial customers.

The service is being spearheaded by Drax’s energy supply division, Haven Power, and offers a range of options including the installation of EV charging infrastructure and operating software that manages its use.

“Across Haven and Opus Energy [another retail business owned by Drax], we have over 300,000 business sites and we are looking to support those customers as they embed electric vehicles into their fleets,” Adam Hall, Drax’s group EV lead, told inspiratia.

“I don’t see us operating networks; we are not going to be a BP Chargemaster or a Vattenfall, for example. Instead, we are going to be providing advice to ensure our customers don’t rush too quickly into EV decisions and fully appreciate the challenges that come with electric vehicles,” he said.

First deal

The scheme has already won its first customer in the form of SES Water, with Haven providing the company with 16 EV charging points. More deals are set to follow.

“We are working closely with a few more companies at the moment to provide EV services, but we haven’t set ourselves a target for how many EV charging stations we want to provide to our customers. Instead, this is going to be much more of an organic process,” Hall said.

“We are also very much hardware agnostic; we don’t want to tie ourselves down to one particular type of charger as what is right for one customer might not be right for another.”

As well as hardware, Drax is also providing its customers with telematic systems that can monitor EVs and charging rates within a company. Drax hopes that this will ultimately lead to the development of a vehicle-to-grid system for its customers.


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