EDF and Nissan sign charging deal

French energy utility EDF has signed a cooperation agreement with Nissan to develop a string of new electric vehicle charging networks in the UK, France and Belgium.

The two companies have worked together in the past on developing EV technology, but the newly signed agreement represents a levelling-up of the two company’s commitments.

EDF and Nissan will now focus their joint energies on developing vehicle to grid (V2G) EV chargers, which can sell energy stored in car batteries back to the grid when it is needed.

Nissan will be responsible for selling and developing V2G-ready EVs, while EDF will ensure that there are enough V2G chargers in place in the UK, France and Belgium for the new cars to utilise.

The deal mirrors a similar agreement that Nissan made with E.ON in 2018, when the two companies signed a strategic partnership to develop V2G services.


Nissan has inked a string of EV deals in recent months, including with EVgo, one of the largest charging networks in the US.

Nissan and EVgo agreed to extend their partnership and will work together to install 200 DC fast chargers across the United States.

Nissan has made all its recent EV deals with an eye on ensuring that people who invest in Nissan’s new Leaf e+, which came onto the market earlier in 2019, are met with a strong charging infrastructure.

Nissan and Evgo have also built chargers in Monterey in California and at Lake Tahoe, installing nearly 2000 chargers across the US since 2010.