Electrify Canada EV network advances

Electrify Canada has announced that it has opened its first ultra-fast electric vehicle charging station in Toronto.

The company is planning to build a Canada-wide network of ultra-fast chargers, with the first wave amounting to the installation of 32 charging stations.

Electrify Canada was formed in July 2018 as a partnership by Electrify America and its owner Volkswagen, which is currently engaged in a similar process installing chargers across the US.

Destination charging is going to be the focus of the company moving forward, with the first charger to be installed at the Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills.

The remaining chargers will be fitted near major thoroughfares in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Electrify Canada hopes to have them installed before the end of 2021.

To support the rolling out of the network Electrify Canada has launched a mobile application that will allow users to track charging sessions, locate chargers, pay for charging sessions and view their charging history.

Electrify America was founded by Volkswagen to install EV chargers across the US as a response to the emissions scandal that embroiled the company in 2015.

Just as is the case with Electrify Canada, Electrify America also has a focus on destination charging and earlier in the year announced that it had completed the installation of 120 ultra-fast 150kW EV chargers at Walmart stores located across the US.

Electrify America announced its partnership with Walmart in 2018, as part of the latter’s efforts to roll out the country’s largest EV charging network at retail locations.

Walmart’s charging stations have been placed in 34 states at locations close to major highways, to ensure that they are useful to local residents as well as people travelling on longer journeys.

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