Enel X invests in Hubject

Italian energy utility Enel has bought a 12.5% share in Hubject, the German electric vehicle charging technology provider, through its demand response subsidiary Enel X.

The new shareholder follows Volkswagen, Siemens, Innogy, EnBW, Daimler, BMW and Bosch as companies which have invested in the German start-up.

Hubject operates a Europe-wide roaming platform that offers users barrier-free EV charging across the continent.

The network is comprised of 200,000 public chargers belonging to the company’s shareholders that are open to Hubject customers, as well as customers of the investing companies.

Enel X itself manages up to 8,000 public charge points, which are primarily located in Spain, Italy and Romania, which will all now become part of Hubject’s platform.

The company also manages private charge points, bringing the total under its watch to 60,000 units, a number the company intends to increase to 455,000 by 2021.

The news comes as the leading charging providers in Europe signed up to an open letter pledging to throw open the doors of their networks to roaming contracts before the end of 2019.

Representatives of Allego, EVBox and NewMotion all signed up to the letter pledging a greater level of cooperation. Engenie, Franklin Energy, Charge4Europe, ChargePoint and Chargemap also signed up to the letter.

The aim of the pledge is to implement a system where EV drivers only need one subscription to one of the listed networks in order to access chargers belonging to all of the companies that are signatories of the letter.

The deal will also see the companies involved share data collected by each individual charger in order to improve user experience.

Electrify America

Hubject’s deal with Enel X is one of a number that the company has made this year. In January [2019], the company forged a deal with Electrify America to bring Hubject’s Plug&Charge technology to 2,000 of the company’s chargers by the end of the year.

Plug&Charge allows an EV to communicate with a charger, passing encrypted data such as account details and payment information from car to charger, speeding up the charging process.