First EV rapid charger launched in City of London

Irish state-backed electricity utility ESB, in conjunction with Transport for London, has installed the first rapid electric vehicle charging point in the City of London.

It will be used initially by electric taxis, which were launched on London’s streets in January 2018 and have been growing in number ever since.

The rapid chargers, which have been financed by TfL, are able to charge an electric taxi up to the 80% level in 20 minutes and the cost of charging up to 80% will be around £6.

The chargers are being fitted as part of the City of London Corporation’s 2019 EV charger rollout and the City authorities are working with TfL and ESB to install at least another 10 charge points in this calendar year. However, the electricity provider for these other locations has not yet been decided, and this will need to go through a tender process.

It is anticipated by the City of London that some of the new rapid charge points will be available to the public, and some will be prioritised for taxi use only.

There are already 50 standard speed charge points installed in public car parks in the City that are available to anyone to use and TfL plans to install up to 300 rapid charge points by 2020 across London.

While TfL is currently working with local authorities to deliver these, it was announced last week that 1,076 new residential EV charging points have been installed across London as part of the Go Ultra Low City Scheme (GULCS), a joint initiative between Transport for London (TfL), the Greater London Authority (GLA) and London Councils.

Seven different companies have provided charges including Joju, Siemens, Swarco, Allego, Blue Point London and BP Chargemaster, while ESB EV Solutions has installed 64 chargers at 56 sites across London to date.

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