Ford unleashes EV charging masterplan

Ford has announced that it is planning to create one of North America’s largest electric vehicle charging networks.

The two-pronged network will be comprised of public chargers twinned with the installation of charging points in the home.

Named the FordPass Charging Network, the public network will be comprised of as many as 12,000 chargers that will be brought together with the assistance of Greenlots.

Greenlots, an electric vehicle charging software developer owned by Shell, will work with Electrify America, the Volkswagen owned company that has developed one of the largest electric vehicle charging networks in the US.

Ford customers will have universal access to the Electrify America and Greenlots offerings as well as a host of other third-party chargers located across the US that Ford is endeavouring to bring together.

The network’s closest competitor, Tesla, has 4,845 charging stations in place and 16,750 charging outlets including home chargers, and Ford’s move will be perceived as a direct challenge to Tesla’s supremacy.

Ford’s decision to piece together a charging network rather than build one from scratch stands in contrast with Tesla and GM, which have both committed to building new charging networks.

Ford does not currently offer a mass-production electric vehicle model for to its customers, but it has signalled that it will release an electric SUV next year.

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