Forev signs EV deal with Scottish Golf

Scottish electric vehicle charger developer Forev has signed a deal with Scottish Golf to install a network of EV chargers at golf clubs across Scotland.

Scottish Golf, which is Scotland’s golf governing body, is responding to the devolved government’s announcement that they plan to outlaw cars powered by fossil fuels by 2032.

Forev will install up to 1,000 chargers as part of the deal, powered by accredited clean energy. The installation will be managed by Forev’s service provider SWARCO eVolt, with construction getting underway at Crail Golfing Society in Fife, on the East coast of Scotland in the next few weeks.

Forev signed a deal with the Austrian EV charger developer Swarco eVolt last year, and the company is also providing a back-office operating system and maintenance support.

Forev is planning to roll out a wider charging network across Scotland over the next five years at key destination sites in urban and rural areas.

The first 50 chargers of the network are currently being put into the ground and Forev plans to have them connected to the grid before the end of the year.

“A good majority of the charging stations will be placed in locations where the general public and tourists can use the chargers easily,” Lindsay Wallace, CEO of Forev commented to inspiratia.

The pay-as-you-go chargers will be funded entirely with private money and Forev will own, operate and maintain the entire network.

Investors behind the project are a real mix and include high-net-worth individuals and a range venture capital companies.