Ionity wins EU backing for ultrafast charging rollout

Electric vehicle charging developer Ionity has secured funding for its pan-European rollout of 340 high-power charging stations.

The company – which is a joint venture between BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen Group – intends to invest €196 million in its EUROP-E project over the next two years, through which it will install chargers in 13 EU member states with capacity of up to 350kW each.

The EU will provide a further €39.1 million to back the project through its Connecting Europe Facility for Transport program.

According to Ionity, 38 charging stations in the EUROP-E project have already been built, with a further 32 sites in the final construction phase. The EUROP-E stations will join a wider Ionity network of 400 stations in 23 European countries.

EUROP-E aims to make it possible for EVs to cover long distances, such as from Poland to Portugal or from Sweden to Italy, with charging stations located along the route.

Across the pond

In separate news, Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America has announced that it is to collaborate with nine companies to host more than 30 new fast EV charging stations across the US.

The companies include a mix of supermarkets, retailers, investment trusts and property developers, with the majority of the new chargers being fitted in California.

The charging stations will be installed at a variety of locations at the companies who have joined the VW subsidiary, including supermarkets such as Kroger and the Save Mart, and a host of real estate investment trusts, including Federal Realty Investment Trust, Fulcrum, ShopCore, ValueRock Realty Partners, the Macerich Company and Washington Prime Group.

As well as California, charging sites will also be built in six other states: Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Washington.

The company plans to have rolled out 484 charging stations, including over 2,000 ultra-fast chargers, across the US by July and the first phase of Electrify America’s development program is expected to conclude at the end of 2021.  


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