Mitie partners with Pod Point on EV chargers

Facilities management company Mitie is forging ahead with its plan to convert 20% of its smaller fleet vehicles to electric by 2020.

The company has inked a new deal with EV charger developer Pod Point to provide 800 new charge points that will be installed at Mitie sites and employee homes by 2020 in order to support the new EV fleet.

Mitie, which employs 54,000 people across the UK and operates a fleet of more than 3,500 compact vans and cars, chose Pod Point as its sole charge point provider because of its ability to survey, design, supply, install and then manage the new chargers.

Pod Point’s bespoke app, which allows drivers to track their charging activity at home and en-route, was also a key factor in ensuring the deal was signed.

The new vehicles will be deployed both into Mitie and its clients’ depot locations and will be allocated to employees who take their vehicle home after work.

Simon King, head of fleet and procurement at Mitie, said the locations of the chargers would be key to ensuring the scheme’s success.  

“Changing behaviour is a key roadblock, so having access to adequate charging infrastructure, installed in the right places, will be vital to ensuring we can meet this challenge, so our drivers can plug-in and charge, wherever they are,” he said.

Pod Point recently sold a 13% stake in the company to Legal & General Capital, which became the latest financial player to make its mark in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure space.


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