San Diego set to boost EV charger numbers

The California Public Utilities Commission has announced that it is backing pilot plans devised by San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) to build a wave of new electric vehicle chargers across the city.

Sempra Energy-owned SDG&E is planning to install around 340 public chargers at 52 locations including government buildings, schools, beaches and parks.

The locations chosen for the chargers are in areas highlighted as being particularly susceptible to high air pollution levels.

The chargers are expected to cost an estimated US$18.8 million (£14m €16m), a cost that will be met by SDG&E and passed on to bill payers.

The units installed will be DC fast chargers that are able to deliver 30 miles of range for every 15 minutes that the car is left on charge.

SDG&E is currently in the process of developing another pilot programme that involves installing public-use EV chargers at the San Diego International Airport and at the Port of San Diego.

Road map

In October [2019] authorities in San Diego approved a road map of goals aimed at encouraging more people to use electric vehicles.

The plan includes dramatically increasing the number of EV chargers available to drivers in the area and an intention to add more EVs to the county fleet.

San Diego is planning to reduce its fleet of gas-powered vehicles considerably and intends to introduce 50 EVs into the fleet before the end of 2020. The county then hopes to have 250 EVs in use by 2025 and 501 by the end of 2027.

The California state government is also increasing the amount of money it invests in electric vehicle charging in order to achieve a goal of seeing 5 million EVs on the state’s roads by the end of the next decade.

SDG&E has proved a key partner in pushing San Diego, and California more broadly, towards achieving clean mobility goals by founding the “Power your Drive” initiative in 2017.

The scheme has installed over 3,000 chargers in the San Diego area as part of a privately-operated network. The chargers have been installed in homes, apartments and workplaces.

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