Tasmania moves forward with EV charging plans

The Tasmanian government has launched a new scheme that aims to boost the number of chargers available to electric vehicle drivers.

The island’s Liberal Party-led administration has developed the ChargeSmart initiative, which is issuing grants in order to encourage the development of charging infrastructure.  

A string of governmental, educational facilities and businesses across the island have been awarded up to AUS$5,000 to install chargers, including the University of Tasmania and the city of Launceston.

The Tasmanian government is also set to offer grants of up to AUS$50,000 to those looking to fit fast chargers on the island. The submission deadline for fast-charger applications closed last week and the government is currently in the process of evaluating the applications that have been submitted.

Overall, the government will commit AUS$450,000 to the EV charger project, which is an important part of the island’s Action 21 plan, which is aiming to dramatically reduce emissions on the island.

The government-backed rollout will support a string of recent additions to the EV charging network from the private sector. In recent months, the state has seen the first ultra-rapid 350Kw charger installed as part of the growing network of rapids being developed by Australian charging startup Chargefox.

Tritum, an EV charger developer based in Brisbane, also unveiled its first 50Kw charger on the island at the end of last year.


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