Vattenfall signs new EV charging deal

Swedish power utility Vattenfall has signed a deal with Tine, Norway’s largest dairy company, to deliver 200 electric vehicle chargers for the use of the company’s staff and customers.

The five-year deal will see Vattenfall provide and install the chargers and the company will also be responsible for maintenance and payment services.

The deal represents a considerable boost for Vattenfall’s InCharge solution, which entered the Norwegian EV charging market last year.

Vattenfall has set its sights on becoming a major player in the booming Norwegian EV charging market. There are over 250,000 EVs in Norway, a number that is currently outpacing the growth of the country’s charging network.

The new charging stations are expected to be installed at Tine’s offices and plants before the end of 2020 and preliminary work is expected to get underway before the end of this year [2019].

Tine is aiming to be completely emission-free before the end of 2025 and the company intends to ensure that EV charging is available near all of its 2000 parking spaces.


InCharge is already available across large swathes of Europe, including in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and in the UK. The company has installed 9,000 home, business and public charging points in total across the continent.

The service relies on the cooperation of partners to install Vattenfall chargers. For example, at the beginning of the year, Vattenfall signed a deal with Volvo and Renault to provide 300 charging stations at Tanka petrol stations in Sweden.

In the past, Vattenfall has worked with Volvo on the development of its electric car range, along with Kia and Hyundai in Sweden, and Nissan in the Netherlands.

The company has also worked on a project with BMW to build electricity storage facilities with used electric car batteries.